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T.S. ANYTHING's . . . . Yakety Yak!

Here's They'll Say ANYTHING's first Yakety Yak!

It'll be a regular feature offered on an irregular schedule, and if that's not a good hedge I don't know what is. Yakety Yak! will feature short items that come to my attention as I move in and out of consciousness. I'll jot them down on a bag or a shirt or a computer screen or a cat. In any event, after selecting things, I'll carefully put them in no particular order and do what we call "publish."

My take on these tidbits might be a bit less than totally verbatim accounts of the players' comments, but if I put " " around something it's real. Anyway, this is supposed to be my blog!! So here's the first TSAnything Yakety Yak!! Don't write to me about the content or anything related to the content or to the blog. I take the responsibility, but not the blame.

And enjoy the Coasters and the original 1958 "Yakety Yak!"

*** Yakety: Learning to Live on Just $300,000,000:

Dennis Kneale, CNBC, recently bloviated that there ought to be "hearings" focused on those misunderstood billionaires who've lost money during this credit crisis, among them being Rupert Murdoch who's down from about 6 Billion $$$$$$ to about 3 Billion $$$.

*** Yak: On CNBC (sparingly, for obvious reasons lately):

Dow Almost Finishes UP!

*** Yakety: The First TSAnything "Seeing Things Clearly" Award Goes To:

Dylan Ratigan, CNBC Fast Money man for his observation to Maria Bartilomo, "What we're seeing now is not irrational panic, Maria, it's more like rational panic." CNBC, 10-24-08.

*** Yak: McCain Think Tankers Edify. (McCain rally, 10-24-08):

*** Yakety: A "flaw"? You THINK?

Last week, Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve and laissez faire economist extraordinaire, appeared before the House Financial Oversight Committee. In a moment of shocked disbelief, he expressed disbelieving shock: "Those of us who looked to the self-interest of financial institutions to protect shareholder's equity are in a state of shocked disbelief." Alan sheepishly - but admirably - admitted to the committee that he had found "a flaw in the model that I perceived is the critical functioning structure that defines how the world works."

Who knew? Mr. Greenspan has been contacted by an unnamed Internet video producer to advise on their upcoming vid, Bankers Gone WILD!

*** Yak: "No, no! Heaven forfend! It's not because they're racists, but . . . well . . . um . . . it's because they're . . . ahhhhhhh . . . .anti-equalists!"

Reported by digby at Hullabaloo on 10-25-08, John Moody, President of FOX, wrote the following on his blog after the news of the alleged "Black Attack" on a McCain staffer, Ashley Todd, in Pittsburgh. She quickly admitted this to be a false police report, i.e. there was no 6'4" black male attacker, no robbery, no nothing:
Part of the appeal of, and the unspoken tension behind, Senator Obama’s campaign is his transformational status as the first African-American to win a major party’s presidential nomination.

That does not mean that he has erased the mutual distrust between black and white Americans, and this incident could become a watershed event in the 11 days before the election.

If Ms. Todd’s allegations are proven accurate, some voters may revisit their support for Senator Obama, not because they are racists (with due respect to Rep. John Murtha), but because they suddenly feel they do not know enough about the Democratic nominee.

*** Yakety: Sarah Palin Insurgency Award to . . .

Sarah Palin for going off the McCain reservation in the last ten days of the campaign. Why? She blames her hidebound GOP handlers for a bad product roll out, implying, one supposes, it was they who hadn't informed her that the VP is not Senator-in-Chief. And, really, where were they when she needed to memorize the names of a few newspapers? Palin's also miffed about her preparation for televised interviews and her particular lack of inside-the-beltway information that Katie Couric might ask questions. Let's not even talk about sentence structure. And that Troopergate mess! Why hadn't they told her about that. Why didn't they just pick Tina Fey??

So, as the McCain campaign winds down and down and down, the sassy chilly state Governor is going native on 'em, or as native as she can get on a $150,000 GOP wardrobe. She's likely seeing that her only choice these days is to preserve her own hide, so she's regularly ignoring McCain staffers' directions and coming up with her own grade-A moosesh*t. And moosesh*t served up with that cutesy twang may be just what she needs to stay viable for 2012. Perhaps some remedial research on fruit flies might also help . . .

*** Yak:
YIPPEEEEE!! The following space for doodling!!!!

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