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On Display Tonight : Paul Ryan, Intellectual Leader Of The Republican Party To Showcase The Math Of "Budget Nummers"

The constant refrain from conervative and the so-called inside the Beltway media has been
Here's a They Will Say ANYTHING!
 Obama/Biden poster
that sums it up!
that Paul Ryan is the "intellectual leader" of the Republican party. Well, O.K., that's reasonable, given that this is the party of Todd Akin, Michele Bachmann, Chris "Blowhard" Christie, Rick Santorum, Sean Hannity, Louis "Dumb as a Guava" Gohmert, Glenn Beck, Rudy Giuliani, Sarah Palin, Rick "Dumber than Louis Gohmert" Perry, Herman Cain, the entire staff of FOX News,

This Election's Unasked - And Disheartening - Question : Presidential Succession

A terrible prospect.
Should Mitt Romney win on November 6th, although it's terrifying to consider, Paul Ryan could, in a moment, become President of the United States. I was 14, a new freshman in a new high school, when the literally stunning news of John F. Kennedy's assassination reached us during Latin class. Soon, Vice President Lyndon Johnson was President Lyndon Johnson.

 I understand how uncomfortable it would be to raise this possibility directly. We all do, I think. Nonetheless, it needs to be considered openly, for both Ryan and Biden. Each could suddenly be installed in the presidency.  Simply stated, the Vice Presidential candidates in this election - in any presidential election -  need more careful scrutiny. The policy distance between the presidential candidates and their running mates must be examined in the full light of history. Assassination, death in office, resignation, all these have blighted our history.

In historical context, how do today's Vice Presidential hopefuls  stand up under this scrutiny?   It is well known that there is little or no distance between Joe Biden's policy history and President Obama's. The distance that exists,

Meet The Newer & Kinder John Sununu! Mitt's Empathy Instructor Embraces Evangelical Buddhism

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"People say Mitt Romney doesn't show empathy for the so-called average American. We disagree, but we got the message: this was hurting him in the polls. People, being uneducated, forget that presidents don't benefit from being empathetic. Our victories in Iraq and Afghanistan would not have been possible if the President at that time had shown compassionate. 'Shock and awe' is not 'hug and smooch.'"

So began my exclusive interview this morning with

Just In: Sandusky Gets 30 To 60 Years In Prison, Victim Four, "I will not forgive you." Sobbing Victim Number Six Speaks Eloquently,

Jerry Sandusky just got a minimum of 30 years in prison for multiple counts of child abuse in the Penn State scandal. Victim four and six spoke, Sandusky continued to express his innocence . . .

Friday's Unemployment Data & Three Levels Of RomneyConomic Bunkum

Mitt's right, "this is not what a real recovery looks like," if it were unemployment would be worse. Employment gains always lag the National Bureau of Economic Research declaration of an official end date for a recession. Below are some charts of the three post-1990 recessions. Let's do what Mitt and his brain trust did and lay aside as inconvenient all the

Breaking News: Big Bird On Ledge Atop 123 Sesame Street, Seeks Meeting With Mitt Romney

Breaking. For immediate release. Saturday, October 6, 2012, 10:30 a.m., Sesame Street, New York City, New York.

We have just learned that at sunrise this morning the beloved Sesame Street star Big Bird climbed to the top floor of 123 Sesame Street and is now standing on the thin ledge outside the Rodriguez families' apartment threatening

Debate Autopsy: Seven Romney Lies In His First Three Debate Minutes

Romney "won" the debate. That's the consensus. Poor Chris Matthews was apoplectic. In this low moment let's remember that "winning" through outrageous lying is an American political tradition, particularly among recent Republican candidates. Although President Obama was not at his best last night, Romney's "win" will wither away through the bright light of our old friend, fact-checking. He and Paul Ryan have often won briefly, for a news cycle, but then . . . POOF! 

Let's get started!

Mitt raced right out of the gate. Here's his first few minutes of lying, chock full of